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Hair Extension Form

At Trend Salon, we specialize in SKW Hidden Beaded Row (HBR) hair extensions. Sarah K. Wilks developed the SKW method to provide an elite line of hair extensions that is both safe and comfortable for the client. SKW is the first and only line of hair extensions to be developed by a medical provider. The focus of her method is to protect the integrity of the hair and scalp.


SKW Hidden Beaded Row (HBR) was introduced in 2019. This is the most seamless method to date. The track does not show bead attachment no matter which direction you flip the hair. The HBR track is created without thread to provide even more comfort for the client. She developed HBR with a two-thread stitching pattern to further reduce tension on the clients' hair. That is the distinct difference between HBR & other non-visible methods.

Fill out the Hair Extension Form and someone will get back to you with more information and pricing. 

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